Preparatory School for Girls


Children are naturally curious about their surroundings and themselves. They enjoy finding out how natural phenomena happen. We stimulate and excite this curiosity as well as giving greater knowledge and understanding.

Our methods of enquiry and investigation stimulate creative thought, develop a systematic approach to problem solving and allow development of practical skills. The pupils can explore scientific concepts through ‘hands on’ experimentation in our excellent purpose built laboratory or they can see the world through virtual apps on the iPads. We encourage the students to challenge scientific questions and discuss issues that may affect their own lives, the direction of society and the future of the world.

Science is a continuous process by which pupils gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them through observing, exploring, experimenting, pattern- seeking, applying and communicating.

The topics covered within the curriculum are:

  • Materials - understanding the properties and uses of rocks, metals, plastics, wood and paper.
  • Chemistry – understanding the concepts of reversible/irreversible reactions, dissolving, filtering, evaporation, condensation, distillation, decanting, chromatography and the permeability of different soil types.
  • Human Biology – Learning about blood vessels, muscles, teeth, bones, digestion, nutrition, respiration and essential food groups. The students will learn how to classify all animal groups and they will study the life cycle of plants involving; germination, photosynthesis, pollination, fertilization and seed dispersal.
  • Physics – understanding the concepts of air as a force, light, mirrors, the sun and the moon, magnetism, force diagrams, gravity, density, friction, electricity and sound.