Preparatory School for Girls


Mathematics plays an integral part in our lives and our aim is for the magic of the subject to be accessible to every pupil in all of its many forms: shape, space, measure, pattern, number, investigation, reasoning, logic and discovery.

We achieve this by employing a variety of strategies. A child’s mathematical journey begins at a very young age and we nurture and encourage every child’s mathematical understanding through carefully planned lessons and exciting tasks. We appreciate the value of parental involvement and the Head of Mathematics runs a workshop for parents of young children to familiarise them with the way Mathematics is taught at Halstead.

As well as encouraging a child’s creativity in solving problems, it is important to instil good practice into our mathematics teaching so the correct formation of digits is emphasised, number bonds and times tables are learnt by heart and pupils are shown how to express themselves mathematically. Girls learn how to construct a logical argument when solving a problem, using a series of logical steps.

This philosophy is continued into Years 3 to 6. Mathematics lessons are made interesting and engaging through the use of well-resourced classrooms, smart boards, i-Pads and lively teaching. Extension activities are provided for pupils with high ability and support is provided for less able pupils.

In Year 4 pupils are set, allowing each child to progress at her own pace. Our girls are very well prepared for the rigours of entrance examinations in their final year, however, exams and tests are only a small part of Halstead’s mathematical ethos. We aim to provide a balanced curriculum along with nurturing mathematical self-belief in every child.