Preparatory School for Girls


ICT is a subject that is constantly evolving to the technology that surrounds us and we are acutely aware of how vital this subject is in all areas of life. ICT is integrated into all areas of the curriculum and we introduce our pupils to ICT so that they can enhance their skills and support their learning.

All pupils from Year 1 are taught in the ICT suite to develop the necessary skills in touch typing, database use and creation, graphic design, understanding simulations, programming and coding. We believe that our scheme of work gives the students the opportunity to display a creative flair along with establishing the key skills to prepare them for their future learning and use of technology.

Using our research library pupils are given the opportunity to gather information and present their findings in a variety of ways. Students can use iPads to understand concepts through a virtual experience with our specifically chosen apps. Alongside subject specific apps, the pupils are encouraged to create films, animations, iBooks and presentations to showcase their work.