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Friends of Halstead Alumnae Memorieae

Below are some of the memories that have been sent to Halstead Preparatory School. 
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Friends of Halstead (Halstead Preparatory School) Alumunae

We went to Woking Outdoor Swimming Pool by coach every week in the summer and learnt to swim in icy water!  I remember Friday Club after school when Mrs Davey joined us in haring around the school playing sardines.  Then there was choir with Mrs Speight and I can still remember the words of the songs we prepared for the Woking Music Festival held in Christ Church hall.  There were outings to Wimbledon, Hampton Court, Huntley and Palmers biscuit factory in Reading and Dolmetsch's place in Haselmere.  Mrs Marion Stake was a class teacher before she became Head and I recall learning art with her, also poetry. Everything was orderly and well organised and a certain innocence and freedom prevailed.  I could go on.  After nearly 60 years the memories are still very clear.

hilary ogden left 1964

Although an absolute lover of sport, the thought of swimming lessons in the summer term would fill me with dread, along with many others. Why?  Woking Swimming Pool, where we went, was outdoors and unheated and we would have to swim irrespective of the prevailing weather conditions, unless there was a thunderstorm, and then there was always an overwhelming smell of chlorine in the whole vicinity!!  The water was usually freezing cold and we would stand on the poolside shivering profusely before being coaxed into the pool. I remember that our abilities were identified by little coloured ribbons that were tied to the strap of our swimsuit. I remained a non-swimmer, white ribbon, for quite some time until the penny dropped that if I tried to swim a little I might warm up and begin to enjoy the activity!! Whilst the apprehension of that freezing water never left me throughout my years at Halstead, I am grateful that I was taught to swim well and became a proficient swimmer.

jill harrison left 1967

The magic of the Carol Service and how special and festive it felt.  The Harvest Festival in Woodham Church and the abundance of beautiful displays of fruit.  Playing 'houses' in the playground and sweeping the soil with branches of fir tree, the ground was immaculate by the end of break time!  The excitement you felt when you were allowed to walk down the main stairs near Mrs Hancock's office.  The importance of the role of 'ringing the gong' for lunch.

clare edwards left 1992

At Christmas time we would have post boxes in each classroom for the members of the class to post Christmas cards to each other.  It was such a lovely idea as on the last day of term we would all receive our cards and enjoy opening them together.  The delicious lunches including my favourite, the chocolate pudding and chocolate sauce.  I loved all of the lunches apart from the fish pie, which unfortunately put me off fish for life!  Playing in the woods at break or lunch time.  I remember how my friends and I created little houses in the tree roots and would have endless fun creating our own imaginary homes!  I also remember playing with conkers a lot in the autumn months.  Winning the Speech Cup competition with my talk on Formula 1 - a subject that was quite unexpected at the time but one I was particularly passionate about having watched every grand prix with my father as I had grown up!

georgina edwards left 1996

Mr Nockovic playing the trumpet (bugle) as the old building got knocked down.  Only being able to go up the blue stairs and down the red stairs.  Butterscotch tart for pudding, always the best days.

Joanna ward left 2002

The fear of what lay behind the green wall/purposely hitting your ball over the green wall in tennis to be granted permission to go behind the green wall.  Hymn practice....the best days being when 'If I were a butterfly' was the hymn in assembly.  The Munching Mike award for the best behaved table at lunchtime.

Eleanor ward left 2005

Running around the playground at break time playing in the trees which we called 'Big House' and 'Little House'.  The Leader, Follower and Door Holder badges and most importantly Mr Cepollina's butterscotch tart!

samantha olsen left 2009

There are so many memorable things about Halstead but I do remember brea times playing 'shop' with the perfectly shaped magnolia tree that looked like a shop counter and paying for things with 'ginger' from the 'ginger hole'.

annabel winship left 2011

The 'Sing Off' between Mr Cheadle and Mr Coulson in the playground!  I remember all our sports lessons very fondly.

isabella frewer left 2013

I remember my time at Halstead with such lovely happy memories, I can still taste the butterscotch tart and miss getting to have this as dessert at lunchtimes. Halstead was always such a positive place to be, my most favourite times were being part of the sports teams and competing in tournaments and matches and also the school productions and performances I sometimes look back and cannot believe how brave and confident we were always made to feel! I remember when Halstead’s ‘Bake Off’ was first introduced and the excitement I felt to put my love of baking into action! 

sienna morales left 2013

i have many fond memories from Halstead from all the years I was there, including the trip to Harry Potter World in Year six, taking the Owl Badge times-tables quizzes and taking part in the school productions. The one that stands out to me the most is the Eagle House Maths Challenge. My best friend and I prepared for months, mastering ‘Count Down’, practicing mental arithmetic and reciting our times-tables up until the day of the event. This particular competition was a race against time – literally. I remember frantically running up and down the aisles getting a new question each time that my partner and I would answer. I don’t remember in what place we came, but I do remember having the time of my life solving maths problems (and running!) with my friends.

stephanie maties left 2015

Standing up on the stage at Speech Day, with slightly wobbly knees.  Making great friends, eating my first (and only) snail, the end of year production, beating Hoe Bridge in netball (not just once)!!, the Chamber Choir concerts and dabbling in the science lab.  Not forgetting the AMAZING lunches, which I definitely miss!

millie campbell left 2018